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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 8, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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[meow] craig: you might have thought it was dark in there, geoff. [laughter] all right. so, geoff's light went out tonight. that's not cool. his light went out. we're going to have to use flashlights to light you. there you go. look. that would be awesome. it is kind of like who is out there? we know you're out there. geoff peterson, give yourself up! geoff: you'll never get me alive, coppers. you'll never get me, see? craig: peterson, it is no good. you can't leave the premises. your cord is only if 8 feet long. you know what we should do? sorry, man. whoa, whoa, mister! just because the lights are out. [laughter]
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all right. you ready? let's tell -- this one not working either? geoff: what the hell is that? [laughter] craig: oh, there you go. wow. they advertise on cbs now don't they? let's tell ghost stories. geoff: ok. craig: all right. [laughter] oh, we're out of time. geoff: that's pretty scary. [laughter] craig: we're out of time. good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,
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. you're watching cbs5 in high definition. >> it makes me feel like there is hope for them and a future for them and that this world is meant to be a different place for everybody. >> it's happening over nine thousand miles away but what can be done here? the push to make war lord joseph coney a household name. >> there is no way to pay the bill, pension pay outs must be cut. the tough decision facing voters. >> and the biggest solar storm in years and it's coming toward the earth as we speak. what could happen when it gets
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here. >> it was popping up all over facebook. a social media test that could help the government catch a war lord. >> the idea to save kid from being forced in to sex slavery and into battle. it's important that everybody know this story. >> reporter: a davis park of church, a lofty goal. get the audience to care and do something about a contradict nine thousand miles away. they will try with a viral video. if you haven't heard of it you will soon. the half hour documentary is a social test to pressure people to find him. he has kidnapped children and forced them into his army or turned them into sex slaves.
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>> my brother tried to escape. then they killed. >> did you see it? >> i saw. >> reporter: after years of rallies and meetings the film maker convinced the president in october to send 100 military advisors to track down and capture koney. the problem is if attention fades the advicers could go away too. >> here is how we will make him visible. >> reporter: the goal, make him a household name. posters, stickers and especially social media. >> we are living a new world, facebook world in which 750 million people share ideas, not thinking in borders, it's a world community, bigger than united states. he was committing crimes for 20 years and nobody cared. we care. >> reporter: patricia came from
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ugunda to tell her story of sleeping in the jungle to avoid kidnappers. the video has been seven 22 million times in two days. she is a mazed the world cares. >> the thousands and thousands of people who are living in so much fear and agony it makes me feel like there is hope and a future for them and this world is meant to be a better place for everybody to live in. >> reporter: what makes you think that someone like you can make a difference? >> i think because of the numbers that they are -- you know bringing together. >> reporter: as the film says if he is caught it will be proof technology has brought the planet together and the world we live in has new rules. >> also the news, a big policeman hunt going on in solano for the gunman who killed a bay area teen. that teen is one of two young men killed in fairfield late this afternoon. one of the victims an 18-year- old from east pato alto the
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other way 24-year-old from fairfield. they were both shot near the parkway condos. police saw the suspect running carrying a black gun. motive for the shooting is unclear. >> signs that say no access to the safe have been put up around an east bay convenience store after it was robbed not once but twice in recent weeks. photographs were released of two masked men who robbed super like you're and food on monument boulevard. they stole a purse from a customer and then attacked a clerk. >> my clerk was in the back. they pulled him to the forward with the gun in his head. they tell him to open the cash register. take him to the back, at tells him where the rest of the money. hits him in the head. took him to where the rest of the money is, left. >> reporter: they took money, alcohol and cigarettes. thehe clerk is going to be
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okay. >> the economy is slowly improving but many cities are struggling under a mountain of debt. much of it in pension obligations. california has one of the biggest problems coming up short by about $600 billion. ben tracy says that san jose is struggling to open brand new facilities. >> reporter: san jose mayor chuck reed showed us his city's newest library. it cost nearly $8 million there. are three others like it in the city. they are all empty. >> we don't have enough operating dollars to open it. >> reporter: why not? >> our biggest cost factor over the last decade has been skyrocketing pension costs. >> reporter: the pension costs for city corkers have gone from $73 million in 2001 to $245 million in 2011. retirement benefits consume more than 50% of the city's payroll costs. to pay them the city has cut 2
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2,000 jobs. the new police station is also empty. san jose cannot afford it. >> taxpayers paying for services, they should get them, we are unable to deliver it and it'll just get worse. >> reporter: the pension problems started back in the late 90s. california was flush with tax revenue from and housing boom and politicians gave generous new pension benefits, up to 90% of their salary for life. >> when i first look at numbers i do a double take. >> reporter: joe nation studies government pension costs. how does the deal they are getting compare to what most people get in the private sector? >> it's out of this world good. you make $100,000 you would retire at 50 with $90,000 a year. >> reporter: those type of benefits go to public safety
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employees, robert is a battalion fire chief in san jose. >> 9 the average firefighter will get about $90,000 a year. do you think that's justifiable to the taxpayer? >> that's what was negotiated overtime. that's the agreement. we certainly see the need for a market correction and the benefit will come down. >> reporter: he said firefighters are willing to cut benefits 90% of salary to 75%. the mayor wants to cap it at 65% for new hires and require count highers to pay more in to the system. voters will decide this summer. the union plans to sue. >> we have offered to give more and all we have heard is here is our ballot initiative. >> reporter: the mayor hopes controlling pension costs will get his city back on track and finally open those empty libraries. ben tracy. >> richmond police are
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offering a 10,000-dollar reward to catch vandals who damaged a new elementary school. tonight the school board agreed to double the reward. last month vandals caused nearly a million dollars of damage to a school. walls were smeared with paint, 30 windows were cracked, and part of the building was flooded by a broken water valve. >> [inaudible] >> the school was scheduled to open in just a few weeks. that will now be delayed by about two months. investigators believe adults may have been responsible for the damage based on the height of the broken windows. >> crossing the line or protecting the public. when confrontations with police turn violent there are usually very different sides to the same story. elizabeth cook shows us how san francisco police are trying to bridge the divide with the
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younger generation. >> reporter: the last time she spoke to a police officer she ended up in handcuffs. >> they are -- [inaudible] and i could barely breathe. >> reporter: she said it started after police told her group of friends they were talking to loud. it wasn't the first time she had a bad experience with someone wearing a badge. >> did you feel targeted? >> yes. i'm african american and some of the people i hang out with because they might consider them -- way like gang or whatever. >> reporter: she took her concerns straight to the force. >> i think that the police and youth league should develop a better bond. >> reporter: the police and youth commissions met face to face to address issues. some accusations of police brutality to a generational gap. >> allowing the youth to see what's behind or stars, it's
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not just the blue uniform, there is a person there and this person wishes to help. >> reporter: confrontations with occupiers and the shooting of a 19-year-old at a muni station have left the relationship between youth and police strained at best. the captain maintains that is not what this meeting was about. >> what are you saying -- being involved in the youth and we just want to be aware of their needs and issues of today. >> reporter: she thinks meetings will do a lot to help. >> i know i will never forget it but i know it's not every police and so i won't -- i can't be mad at all of them but i know it's still in my mind but i can't always be mad at that. other people are different ways. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook. >> well it sounds like science physician. a solar storm racing toward earth. >> and here on earth whales in the bay, a mom and her calf
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swimming around. the warning about the consequences to anyone who gets to close. >> and he is a home grown hero inspiring others. the impact that jeremy lin is ,,
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. if you rely on your cell phone or gps you may notice it acting crazy for a short time. that's because radio active
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particles from the sun are heading earth coming a giant solar flare. what we can expect. >> reporter: the biggest solar storm in year s is coming. the massive cloud could disrupt flights, satellite and gps. >> high technology is of course always at risk because we have it up at the level where this stuff is coming in. it didn't used to be like this but since we have started putting up satellites we had to deal with this. people have been designing them to protect them from this kind of thing. there is a great deal that's done and can be done for that. you kind of take defensive action. same with the electrical grid but it's important to reroute air craft. we know gps in satellites at risk and they wind of skirting farther south. trying to stay away from where the major number of things happen to be. . >> reporter: for us, cell
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phones and gps could hit a snag and if anything happens we will know it. >> the average person doesn't have to worry about anything but stay alert and if in fact someone has trouble with the satellite phone system or the gps you will know it when you try to use it. >> gps would be a big problem because i use that a lot. i think that's more useful than cell phones. it's far but i know it'll still affect us but -- anything is possible. you know. >> the waves are going 4 million miles an hour. they could arrive any time between now and 2:00. >> and a warning tonight for boaters in san francisco bay. watch out for the whales. that's right. mother gray whale and her baby were seen in the water today. the noa folks saying to steer clear of them if you see them.
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witnesses reported seeing a small boat speed to get a closer look at them and and that is against the law. >> that could result in the calf being separate from its mother and it could die. >> well probably had to put it on the website or something. if you are caught with in 300 feet a whale you could face a fine of up to $10,000. >> wow. just when you thought the bad puns were over, a case of lynn conspiraciation. linspiration. >> i will try that. >> reporter: teen was san francisco's team can't get enough of lin. >> he is a good and big inspiration. he has -- he gives me hope they could get to higher level of basketball.
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>> now go. >> reporter: they say lin is bigger than ming. >> you think you could be the next lin? >> i hope so. >> on the drive gets inside. >> reporter: and the first asian american nba superstar is he is making his mark. >> give him a chance. lookok at all the team that passed him up, the colleges, he did great in harvard. i felt maybe they didn't realize that he had that talent. he. >> he broke the stereo type. >> reporter: they compete in one of the bay area's century leagues, while they are competitive they are mainly for building ties but now the they training harder to win. >> they are inspired. it's something that motivates them more. it makes the dreams more
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realistic. >> reporter: and the rise of lin has shown them they can take a shot at their dreams. >> it makes me think bigger, have bigger dreams. if you work hard maybe you will accomplish it. >> reporter: and he inspires parents to tell their children they can shoot for harvard and hoops. you can do both. play sports and get the education. and hopefully because of lin you know all the boys will see that, not just boys but girls too. >> reporter: on and off the court many players and their families say they all scored from lynn sanity. >> well lots of new features, same name, apple took the wraps off the latest generation i-pad today. >> everybody has been wondering, who will come out with the product that is more
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amazing than the i-pad 2, will stop wondering. we are. >> apple called it the new i- pad. the 4g tablet is faster than the 2. it has a better camera, hd video recording and voice dictation. the biggest difference, is the display. >> the new one has a retina display with more pixels than any mobile device everh. >> it's -- a sharper screen than your average hdtv. the new one goes on sale march 16th. they will start at $499. to watch today's announcement you can go to the website. >> turn to the weather center. good evening. taking a look outside.
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does the full moon really affect your mood? it may, it may not but the drop in temperatures certainly does. the warning we need to know about tonight as the news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back. you know i was season that today we would have a heat wave from all the candles on dana king's birthday cake. it was like a fire but instead it really cooled down. >> where are you going with that? >> she is so old there are so many candles. >> for crying out loud. >> freeze warning in effect. temperatures dipping down overnight into the 20s and a few low 30s. 30 in santa rosa. it'll be freeing throughout the tri valley. 40s across the central bay as well as the peninsula. you see that dry slot there? that's where high pressure is producing the off shore flow. very dry air mass contributing to the clear skies tonight.
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a stairy night with the full moon and then tomorrow frosty start followed with sun and some warmer conditions, no wind to speak of, mostly cloudy and the extended forecast for this weekend but one day at the time. 71 tomorrow. up from today's high of 70. just going up a couple of notches. upper 60s, into willowglen as well as the tri valley and low 60s the sea shore. the extended forecast the warmest day will be on friday, mid-70s toward hollister, otherwise we cloud up over the weekend. that will lead to a slight chance of a couple of rain chances on sunday and then daily through wednesday but when you go to bed saturday night wake up on sunday and we spring ahead an hour as we return today light saving. > wonder how many candles are on roberta's cake, my god it's
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like a forest fire. > a freshman keeps stanford hot. next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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gay nails three of his game high 26 and they win and out score the warriors by 26 in the paint. guiterrez, scouting arizona state and stanford at the tournament. he will dream of the cardinals, randall tonight. he hit five three-pointers in the opening half. set a tournament record. he was on firearm he finished with third. he got a lot of rest in the second half. stanford wins and will face cal in the second round tomorrow. cab tuesday league. a's and the dodgers. ross making a bid. three shut out innings, just one hit. he struck out two. they have a surplus of out fielders, you can read about it on my blog. redick, a double to right. he is hitting 500 and it ends in a tie. peyton was released today after 14 years. is he a free agent.
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a hard time saying good-bye to indianapolis. >> i haven't thought about where i will play. i have thought a lot about where i have been. thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. i truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. >> my quarterback. >> two guy who will not play in san francisco, to and peyton. roll the top five. >> here he is, peyton caught by a helicopter, he is already in miami looking for a new job apparently meeting the dolphins owner. grapefruit league, robbed ross of a base hit. boston ends in a tie. number three, up and downside to the eight pound bowling ball. put it on the floor, not on the roof. that's a downside. far from floppy, he showed
2:08 am
why today. you heard about him? he is incredible. a champion league record barcelona wins. number one, win the game. >> every time i see derek rose i think can't the warriors get somewhere in the top five of the draft? that guy is a mvp, he had a bad game but when the chips down they put the rock in his hand and he wins. >> chips down warrior fans booed. >> not a good homecoming. >> let's hope th,,,,,,,,,,
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